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so, I am in (I did notice this typo/skip of the mind just here but decided to leave it in as it was funny. I also declined to remove this entire paranthetical remakrk which you are now reading despite the fact of its pretiounscious nature. my friends computer(who has the common dreams political website as his home page)(and and so now I am making a journal because donnareed (I've still never understood the whole intenet pseudonym - I just used my real life pseudonym that I use day to day ) made one for me so I could read hers because it was friends only. She did this because she was drunk and took too many ritalin and was scared and didn't want to go home.(there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion). So now I have this journal. I am writing it and you are reading it.
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I didn't spell check the entry because I couldn't figure out how pretencious was spelled and then I thought it would be funny if somebody wrote pretentious and it was spelled wrong
the fact that I can comment on my own journal posting is the type of thing that I think about occassionally
you are silly, you know that?
i like that you are writing in this though. but if you get addicted to it i will feel bad. =)