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following my recommendation of "La Haine" or "Hate" dir. Mathieu Kassovitz http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113247/ I would like to recommend "The Battle of Algiers" ("Battaglia di Algeri, La") 1965 dir. Gillo Pontecorvo http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058946/ which was screened at the Pentagon in 2002 or 2003 as an instruction on how to torture terrorist suspects. It (like Hate) gives a certain (less direct than young inhabitants of "les banlieus" rioting after an arab boy dies in the hospital after a police beating) background to current French chicanery: it concerns itself with the French Army's attempts to control/defeat the suicide bombing insurgency in Algeria. Seriously it was shown at the Pentagon to show the benefits of torture and it is a fucking awesome, tight, eye-opening movie. Rent it.

and while I am recommending movies that I saw in my Europe after 1945 history class, check out "Lamerica" 1994 dir. Gianni Amelio about two Italian businessmen who go to Albania to make money right after the fall of communism. Not about the French at all but this movie fucking rocked my socks off - totally moving and a good insight into the second most hated and reviled ethnicity in Europe (after the Roma or Gypsies - I'm not counting Muslims as an 'ethnicity' here) I was supposed to go to my therapist after class which would have had me leave when calss ended but I stayed to see the end because it was so fucking good.

best of radiohead mix (fits onto an 80 minute cd-r)

1. 2 + 2 = 5
2. Pyramid Song
3. Paranoid Android
4. Creep
5. How to Disappear Completely
6. My Iron Lung
7. A Drunken Punchup at a Wedding
8. Let Down
9. Just
10. Pearly
11. The National Anthem
12. Talk Show Host
13. Karma Police
14. Everything in its Right Place
15. There there
16. Street Spirit (fade out)
17. Life in a Glasshouse [full length version]

this is an idea I ahve had for a while - what would you put on it - how could you make it representative and how could you make it work as a mix in its own right. I like what I did.

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