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Cut all the Motherfuckers Loose

you, the hand that weaves the noose: you hold the blade of brutal freedom

wm blair
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wm blair was sired by one of the incarnations of pythagoras. He was the first one to know this and the first to seek out the man who told him that he had impregnated many people for he wanted to create a mass of those touched by pythagoras and a love and respect for the neatly ungraspable rhythms of life - driven by moons we can't see - affecting tides we can not sense conventionally. He, Pythagoras Reincarnated - illegitimate father of wm, had spent the past 300 years as a tree in a South American forest. It was meant as a rest from humanity, he’s taken a couple others before. The horror of the 20th century life was too much for him and he knew it. But he kept hope for humamity’s unwritten future.

After being hunted down by the first of his progeny to hunt him down, Pythagoras assumed he had been successful enough in planting his seed of rhythms into a world he no longer knew, could not understand and could not trust. He killed himself after meeting wm – I – me – he - Blair - condemning possibly hundreds to outdated beliefs and the curse of a suicide father. WM does not actively seek out his brothers and sisters. He meets them when his feet are drawn as they are. The sons and daughters of this confused wise soul scatter the earth and Pythagoras' latest reincarnation has yet to be discovered. It is unknown if he would face humanity again so soon after leaving it. He (Pythagoras Incarnate) told wm, I, me, he, Blair, that in his next human incarnation he would conceal the nature of his soul from all, as he has before.

You may meet this man (or one closer to you) when you let your feet guide you, following the moons you don’t know exist